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Plugo: An immersive, educational AR gaming system

STEM learning made super fun! Coming soon on Kickstarter.

Now Live On Kickstarter!   

So, what is Plugo?

A gaming system fuelled with the power of Augmented Reality that comes with four gaming kits: Quest, Count, Link and Steer. Each gaming kit offers a multitude of fun, exciting and educational games that are conceptualized to make your child play, learn and have fun—all at the same time.


Swim through sharks or fly in space with Plugo Steer, a funky-futuristic steering wheel designed for navigating and maneuvering across land, air and water.

Plugo Steer warrants unlimited fun and learning through quizzes, treasure hunts, missions and adventures while enhancing your child’s lateral thinking and directional sensibilities.

Shifu Plugo Steer


Conceptualized for swift, linear movement, our joystick-and-button-combo kit includes puzzle-based games. Children can enhance their logical reasoning, comprehension and vocabulary.

Plugo Quest also offers an ambidextrous response through simultaneous coordination of two physical controllers.

Shifu Plugo Quest


With magnetic hexagon building blocks, your child’s mental abilities will be put to test with puzzles and constructional challenges embedded in different Plugo Link games.

With Plugo Link, children learn dexterity, spatial reasoning and creative construction.

Shifu Plugo Link


Solving mathematical questions never looked this fun—Plugo Count will make your child fall in love with problem-solving, especially when they involve numbers and algebra!

Intertwined with story-play and fun challenges, not just mathematics, comprehension is also integrated with all Plugo Count games.

Shifu Plugo Count

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