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5 reasons why your kid should own this smart globe

Mon Nov 20 2017    •    3 min read     •    Team Shifu

You may have read or heard about Orboot, the smart globe. Maybe you already have an idea about what it is and what it does. Maybe you are also aware of the fact that people from over 60 countries already love and believe in this product.
But you're still undecided about it. You maybe wondering, is it really worth getting your kid an Orboot? They already have plenty to play with. Do they 'really' need this?

The answer, let me assure you, is a resounding YES! And here are the top five reasons why:

1. It's one-of-a-kind!
Orboot is a (very) smart globe. It comes with a fun and easy-to-use app. It uses the technology of Augmented Reality to make the highlighted features come alive on your mobile/tablet screen. There's no other globe that does this.

2. Unique active learning
Orboot teaches your kid in a unique and innovative way. The learning experience it provides can be provided from no other source. Here is why:

  • Gone are the days when one had to stack books and peruse through countless pages to gather information. Orboot does them all! Be it cultures or monuments, geography or wildlife, explore the world with the magic of Augmented Reality.
  • Orboot offers a level of visualisation and engagement in all these aspects like no toy ever!
  • The knowledge that your child gains through the active learning that Orboot provides, will definitely last much longer than that of the traditional passive modes.
  • There is also a wealth of quiz questions for many of the highlights, which work to reinforce what your child has learned.

3. 1000 cool facts, 400 highlights

Orboot is a treasure trove of information about our world. And all this information is presented to your kids in an active, fun, and engaging way. Your child will love playing with it. And they will do that (perhaps) without even realizing how much they are learning in the process!

4. STEAM Ahead

Orboot challenges your kids to think analytically and creatively. It will get them interested in STEM/STEAM topics, whether by introducing them to the engineering feats and inventions, or delving into the animal kingdom, and learning about the food chain and endangered species. Orboot also generates interest in music, arts and culture through interesting facts and captivating stories. It engages your child in problem solving through exploration and research at the same time!

5. The globe of tomorrow

Orboot has no political boundaries. It is the globe of tomorrow! The continents on the Orboot globe are not split up into countries (but your kid can learn about different countries through the app). This promotes inclusiveness and open-mindedness in Orbooters, the leaders of tomorrow.

So, what do you think? Shouldn't your child have this wonderful friend?

If you want to know more, stay tuned!