5 reasons why you need to switch your old globe with this AR globe

17 Nov 18

The world is moving at a rapid pace. With technology seeping in every aspect of our lives, let’s talk about a common staple found in (almost) every home and classroom.

The globe.

*Chanting magic mantra*

“Casting the magic spell of tech and turning the old globe new,
here are reasons why you need a brand new AR-globe called Orboot.”



1.  A globe that just teaches about maps? It’s 2018 now

If you’re wondering about what is Orboot, here’s your answer.

It is an AR-globe that comes to life with an easy-to-use and fun app. It uses Augmented Reality to make highlighted features come to life on a mobile or a tablet screen. There’s no other globe that does this.

Orboot has over 400 highlights, 1000 cool facts, across 7 categories like animals, cuisine, wildlife, map, inventions, monuments and cultures. Orboot comes loaded with interesting trivia, facts and other cool things that make it a wholesome educational toy for early learners between 4-10 years of age.

shifu orboot categories


2.  Screen-time becomes learning time

Technology has long been accused of making children go farther from reality. But Orboot is an example of how things can be done differently.

When using Orboot, your mobile phone or tablet becomes a magical glass that you’re looking at the world through. This creates an ideal setting for kids to learn. All you need to do is scan, explore and learn about any region on the globe. The goal is to make children stronger, better and smarter without losing touch with the real world.

Built on the foundations of STEM/STEAM, Orboot introduces children to elementary knowledge about life sciences, engineering and more, thus empowering them to chart their own learning journey since a young age.



3.  Trivia, games, puzzles, challenges and more—learn and play with Orboot

The award-winning globe comes loaded with quizzes, games, puzzles and challenges, helping kids to interact and engage with technology better. The best part? Children wouldn’t even realize they are learning while playing. All Orboot games and challenges are designed to reinforce what your child has learned with the globe, making real-time evaluation possible.
This interactive, active form of learning has a lasting impact on the kid’s mind than traditional passive modes.

With a 50,000 strong community members, (parents and educators from over 60 countries), Orboot enjoys widespread support and love from across the world.



4.  Hands-on experience accelerating cognitive and creative development

A globe that propels creative thought, analytical reasoning, independent thinking, vocabulary and communication skills? You get with Orboot. Such skills are valuable for children as it instils confidence and better cognitive abilities from a young age.

What makes this AR-globe stand out from other educational games is the hands-on fun learning experience you get. Little globetrotters also get a travel kit containing passport, stamps, flags and stickers.



5.  Always upgrading, always evolving to add to the unique active learning

Children tend to get bored easily. Toys, books, foods: everything falls out from a child’s favourite list if it does not capture their vibrant, ever-growing imagination. Orboot is designed to appeal to a child’s vivid mind by constantly evolving to adapt better to the dynamic demands of children.

Orboot’s content is constantly being revised to make it more comprehensive, in-depth and detailed, adding better educational value to a child’s learning goals. One can find unique challenges, puzzles, games and quizzes that make for a fun, interactive and unique learning experience.


Orboot app is available on iOS and Android and is full of in-app games to engage and educate the little ones. The app is also available in English, German, Polish and Japanese.

Pssstt…All presents opened after Christmas will see French and Spanish additionally!


What’s even more unique about Orboot is that the continents on the globe are not split into countries. But your kid can learn about different countries through the app.



Still not convinced?

Read what parents and educators have to say about Orboot.





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    1. Hello Ben,

      Orboot app works with almost all the iOS and Android devices released after 2012. It is compatible with Kindle Fire 8 HD and above, but for a smoother experience, we recommend an iPad 3 or above, iPad mini 2 or above, iPhone 6 or above. It also works with any Android device with minimum 3GB RAM. Hope this helps. You can also email us at with your exact device name and model and we can let you know the compatibility.

      Cheers, Team PlayShifu! 🙂

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