Nurture your kid’s love for puzzles with this STEM game

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Nurture your kid’s love for puzzles with this STEM game

28 Mar 19
7 min read
28 Mar 19
7 min read

“Children who play with puzzles at an early age, develop better spatial skills later” – a study by University of Chicago researchers 

But why are spatial skills important? The ability to mentally transform shapes is an important predictor of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) course-taking and careers in older children.

Hence, comes Plugo Link

To bring puzzles and STEM even closer, we created Plugo Link. Yes, it’s a game full of puzzles.


When you buy Plugo Link, you get 15 links and 1 gamepad. The free companion app throws a challenge that has to be solved using magnetic building blocks in the real world.

Bid farewell to your kid’s unproductive screen time

1. Choose one of the 4 games for Link.
2. For a puzzle, spot the start and end point on the screen.


3. Place a link on the gamepad and get instant feedback (front camera of the device reads the links).
4. Create a balanced structure to connect the start and endpoint. Earn more points for using a minumum number of links.


Plugo Link has 4 amazing games with 250+ levels. Oh, yes! You can choose your little one’s grade (pre-K to Grade 5) in the app, to customize the game levels and difficulty.

How will your kids benefit from Plugo Link?

While experimenting with different possible solutions, they are developing:

  • problem-solving skill
  • spatial reasoning skill
  • creative thinking
  • structure balance by weight and by defying gravity

Isn’t Plugo Link something you wish you had, growing up? 😉

Also Available: Plugo Count – STEM Game for Building Math Skills

Shifu Plugo STEM Game System for Kids




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