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Sneak Peek: Shifu Orboot

Mon Oct 23 2017    •    2 min read     •    Team Shifu

Orboot (noun)
A magical thing that lets you travel to faraway places without ever leaving your chair.

It's a wonderful world, follow your heart and let the adventure unfold! With Shifu Orboot, kids can travel far and wide, explore countries and cultures, make animals their friend and learn about the wonders of the world.

Mesmerizing Monuments
Let's take a desert safari to the lost city of Petra in Jordan! Built on the ancient route for trade of the incense of Arabia, the silks of China and the spices of India. Only 15% of the city has been unearthed…
Photo captured by: Mark Brodkin, NatGeo

Amazing Animals
Flamingos are not migratory birds but the climate change and dried up lakes have made them look for new nesting grounds far and wide.

Incredible Inventions
Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar, a fibre that is five times stronger than steel. And has saved thousands of lives. A true pioneer for women in science, indeed.
Photo captured by: Michael Branscom

Captivating Cultures
The Kathakali dancers are here to tell you a story, from the mythologies and folklore of India. Come, let's listen to what these decorated expressive faces have to say...

Favorite Foods
Paella is a simple yet fulfilling meal enjoyed with family and friends. Come let’s revisit its roots in the homes of Valencia…

Musical Melodies
Back in the old days, Valiha was made from a single stalk of bamboo, with the strings cut directly from the surface of the stalk. Now made from metal and bamboo, nonetheless, this national instrument of Madagascar makes the sweetest music.

Dazzling Dances
The Marinera dancers are ready with their handkerchiefs, accompanied by a guitar and a cajón drum. Are you?

Now, don't you agree that Orboot combines fun and learning for your child? Stay tuned to know more!