This STEM Game will put an end to your kid’s ‘no math today’ reasons

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This STEM Game will put an end to your kid’s ‘no math today’ reasons

27 Mar 19
7 min read
27 Mar 19
7 min read

If Math is one of those subjects that makes your kid whine, and crawl back under the bed, then you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Plugo Count

Intertwined with stories-based play and word problems, Plugo Count makes mathematics fun!


shifu plugo count box contents

The free companion app has 4 games with 250+ levels that adapt to the child’s grade. It has been carefully designed for pre-K to Grade 5.

Together, they’ll make your kid’s screen time worthwhile.

Let’s play Plugo Count

– Place Count spike on the gamepad
– Choose one of the 4 games to play
– Help the characters in the stories when they face any obstacle (math-problems)


– To answer, place the numbers and operators on Count spike
– Plugo app provides instant feedback for a correct or wrong answer according to the story


You did a cool job! So, here’s a valuable tip – get creative with your answers using the operators! For example,

if the problem is ‘7 + 4 = ?’
you can directly answer ‘11’ or
it can be answered as ‘6 + 5’


Why Plugo Count?

  • It boosts mental math
  • Characters and stories engage them longer
  • They don’t get to know how much they are learning while playing
  • It makes math tactile with numbers and operators used to answer creatively

Isn’t this something you wish you had, growing up?
Introduce your kid to STEM, introduce your kid to PLUGO.

Also Available: Plugo Link – solve puzzles with magnetic building blocks

Shifu Plugo STEM Game System for Kids




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