Introduce your child to the colorful world of finger painting

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Introduce your child to the colorful world of finger painting

21 Mar 18
7 min read
21 Mar 18
7 min read

It is time to dip your fingers into a rainbow of colours and get messy with your little one. Finger painting is a fun-filled art activity that has a myriad of benefits for your child. It not only encourages your child to get creative and imaginative, it also helps in developing their cognitive and fine motor skills. Using your fingers to paint is not limited just for toddlers, but can be used for children of all ages. All you need is just a tray filled with your child’s favourite colours and a canvas for their little fingers to paint on.


Here are some of the benefits when you make finger painting part of your child’s play at home-

  1. It is a form of play that engages all the five senses of your child, thereby improving their sensory abilities.
  2. It helps to strengthen their finger and hand muscles, which helps in their fine motor skills development.
  3. Hand-eye coordination also gets developed through this excellent activity. For an adult, finger painting might seem easy but for a child, it is an activity that involves complex moves.
  4. If done as a group activity, it can help the child improve their social and communication skills.
  5. Children also learn how to identify colours and shapes while creating working on their masterpieces.
  6. It is very therapeutic. It provides a medium to the child to express themselves.


The benefits of finger painting are not only limited to children but are great for adults too. It provides them with an artistic medium of self- expression and is also an excellent stress- reliever. Plus whoever needed an excuse to get messy and have some fun right?

So, what do you need to do?

  1. On a large tray, place small amounts of different colour paints. You can also use the inverted side of a plastic container for this.
  2. Once you have placed a sufficient amount of colours on the tray, blend and mix them till it covers the entire surface area of the tray.
  3. This will form the background on your canvas, which you and your child can then use to create any design, shape or pattern.
  4. Once your child has created their masterpiece, you can take a white sheet of paper and place it on the completed picture to create an imprint of it. This can be framed and put on a wall or proudly display it on the fridge for everyone to see.

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