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Your Guide To Christmas Gifting For The Little Ones

Sat Nov 25 2017    •    4 min read     •    Team Shifu

It's that time of the year again!
The time for cold snowy evenings, bright stars, frosted cakes, and old bearded men with reindeer.

It's Christmas!

And we all know what else this is the time for. The kids surely know. Yes, gifts! Lots and lots of them.

Picking gifts for kids is a tricky venture. The stakes are high. With bated breath, the little ones wait for it the whole year, so you'd want these to be extra special.

And your job gets even more difficult by the endless options in toys. Before picking the gift, you should have the child in mind. Each child is unique. Their tastes differ. Some of them are born-explorers. Some of them want to be around animals. Some of them are fascinated by our universe and modern technology.

We, at PlayShifu, spend a lot of time in understanding them better, what they like and what they do not. So we took the liberty to make your life easier for this gifting season. We have compiled a list of perfect Christmas gift for kids with varied interests. Let’s check out the options, shall we?

1. The Zoo Keepers
They love to carry their animal figurines around, and all the time. Yes, even when they go to bed. For all the little animal-lovers out there, Shifu Safari is a perfect gift. It brings the jungle alive right in their hands. Imagine a tiger roaring on your kid’s iPad screen and then, he/she roaring all day long! Shifu Safari with 60 animal AR flashcards can guarantee they'll be hooked on to it for hours and days. Know more about it here.

2. The Motor Heads

They vroom their little cars and trucks all day, on the sofa, on the rug and on the kitchen counter. Gift them Shifu Travel so that they can go the extra mile. With 60 different vehicles to learn about, Shifu Travel covers all modes of transport - air, water and land. You'll definitely see them putting the part together and building their own wonderful machines! Explore what they learn with this fun interactive game.

3. The Community Lovers

Do they wave every on the street to every fireman and talk to their dentist at length about why they don’t want to become one? Ah, this is the perfect opportunity to give them the entire community in their hands. Sensitise them to the real heroes in life with Shifu Professions. 60 different community helpers will introduce themselves. Read here what they tell the kids.

4. The Space Campers

They travel in spaceships (even if they have been in the living room all the while). They talk about Mars Missions. They dream to become an Astronaut someday. Inspire the space enthusiasts with a box of Shifu Space that fires up their imagination, creativity and knowledge about the sun, moon, planets, missions, phenomena and renowned personalities. 60 of them in a fun-packed box. See how it works here.

5. The Globe-trotters
They talk about countries and iconic monuments already. And can catch you off guard with trivia about flags and capitals around the world. Why not gift them the entire world in their hands! (Say what?) We mean Orboot, the smart globe - animals, monuments, inventions, culture, maps and weather - all with the magic of Augmented Reality. Fun, interactive and packed with cool facts, Orboot will surely make you the best mom/dad/aunt/uncle in the town!

So, why wait? This Christmas, gift smARt, gift Play Shifu!