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Make your child win with Technology!

Tue Oct 17 2017    •    3 min read     •    Team Shifu

Does your child’s toy box include a pretend mobile phone? A toy laptop maybe? Not surprising, considering how gadgets have taken the world by storm. Mobile phones and tablets are to this generation what the television was to the last. You could hate them or love them, but live with them, you must.

Needless to say, your child is sucked into the world of the Internet right from birth. A “no screen time” policy does not offer immunity from gadgets. Children observe right from infancy, and what they observe, they absorb. You are being watched, indeed.

It’s not such a bad thing, in reality. Technology presents immense opportunities to learn, create and innovate. Since it largely dictates the working dynamics of the modern world, it only makes sense that kids catch on early. While it was once fashionable for an 8-year-old to remember the capital cities of ALL the countries in the world, the cool equivalent of it now would probably be to design an app that puts the same data at the click of a button.

"I do not see this as a diminishing sign of intelligence, but as channeling it towards a more relevant and modern application."
Says Pavithra, mom of a 3-year old.

So, how does one streamline technology exposure into a productive learning experience, and when does one start?
Enter Shifu - an interactive, Augmented Reality based game for children. Designed by early childhood experts and parents, Shifu innovatively combines mobile devices and physical play. Ideal for children of age 2-6 years, it works with all Android and iOS devices.


There are physical flash cards which when paired with the Shifu App, bring on your mobile screen a live & interactive simulation of the cards. Ideal for children of age 2-6 years, it works with all Android and iOS devices. Unimaginable, right? Watch how it works here.

So what you experience through Shifu Safari game are live-looking animals in their natural habitat, their food habits, the distinctive sounds they make and other relevant information. A virtual jungle safari, to sum it up. Not just this, it also helps build vocabulary through a fun game of popping the balloons.

Shifu’s repertoire includes Shifu Space, Travel and Jobs, in addition to the Safari theme. Shifu Space explore the mystical solar system and outer space, Shifu Travel helps interact with the interesting world of vehicles and Shifu Jobs is all about people and their workplaces. Exploring a theme at such a comprehensive level ensures complete understanding for the child, thereby enhancing his/her cognitive skills, rather than simply committing to memory. Inspire your children by expanding their horizon!